Executive Aircraft Charter Service

The Only Schedule We Follow is Yours


At Executive Aircraft Charter Service, our goal is to provide exceptional customer service, comfortable private flights and peace of mind.

We know the stress of flying commercial, getting through security and rushing to make it to your gate on time, and we eliminate it for you. When you travel with us, we are on your schedule.

Superior Service

Stress-Free Flying


With our sister company, Acadian Air Med Services, LLC, we are experts at providing clean, safe, modern fixed-wing aircraft for both medical and charter flight service.

We provide business and leisure flights throughout the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America.

Executive Aircraft Charter Service

Benefits of Flying Executive Aircraft Charter Service

  • Skip driving to major airports to get direct flights.
  • Bypass long security lines at commercial airport terminals.
  • Running late? We’ll wait!
  • There’s no stress of lost or delayed luggage.
  • Your flight will never be overbooked.
  • Reduce travel time by 50-70%
  • Get work done while en route to your destination and on the way home.

Additional Services

  • Catering is available upon request.
  • We can arrange for rental cars upon arrival at your destination.
  • Own an airplane? Ask about our airplane management program.
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